Pick up and Drop Off

At St Joseph’s the safety and well being of our children and visitors to the school is paramount.  With increased enrolments, it is essential that the pick-up / drop-off area be run as smoothly as possible.  For this reason, it might be appropriate to bring to your attention the routines involved in dropping off and collecting your child.  Please read the following steps below carefully and consult the diagram.


  • From 8:00am to 9:00am and 2:30pm to 3:30pm cars should not be parked nose into the school fence as cars will need to drive parallel to the fence at drop off and pick up times. A painted yellow line along the gutter will indicate the path for cars to follow.



  • Cars will follow the yellow line painted on the gutter.
  • Cars will proceed past the gate and park towards the end of the Prep building in pick up locations 1, 2, 3 and 4 as identified. Families are encouraged to proceed to the far pick up location at these times to ease bottle neck congestion.  As cars proceed from the parks, families are to proceed again to the far park.
  • Children will wait in the pick up area until directed to move to a pick up location. A teacher will be directing children into cars from these 4 locations.    If your child has not arrived and a preceding car has left, please forward on to the next park to allow other cars to join the queue.  We ask that cars stay in the queue and only move to a free park once the car immediately in front, has left.
  • Parents are reminded that this is a pick-up / drop-off area and should not park and leave their car. Parents will be asked to park their car in the parks facing the church if they have been waiting more than 5 minutes for their child.
  • Children will be supervised in entering their car. They will wait behind the yellow line until their car has ceased moving.  Please assist us in training and educating your child on these new procedures to encourage safe and timely departure after pick-up.



  • Parents are to drop their children off at car park 4 closest to the gate and watch them walk through the gate into the school. Parents should then quickly move off.
  • Parents are welcome to park facing the church and walk their children into the school grounds.



  • The church car park is used throughout the day, from early morning until late at night for various activities and there are often parishioners moving from the church to the parish. Please keep your speed limit to 5km/hour.
  • That the parks in front of the church in Grendon Street should be left vacant for parish vehicles. Children are not supervised at the front of the church and should not wait for their cars there.
  • That cars are often leaving and entering the parish car park next to the church and space needs to be left for these cars to move.

Parents are not to use the Staff Carpark on Canberra to pick up or drop off children.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated for the safety and well being of our most precious possessions.