Prayer and Liturgical Life

Prayer and Liturgical Life

At St Joseph’s School our Catholic heritage in the Mercy tradition is shown in our personal interactions with others. Aligning with our school motto “With Christ We Grow”, we provide a multitude of opportunities for our community to celebrate our faith.  Children are exposed to and have the opportunity to participate in a variety of prayer forms, both within the classroom and as a school community, including attendance at Mass, special all-school liturgies, seasonal devotions, and daily community prayer.

Prayer is an important part of our regular school life at St Joseph’s.  We prioritise opportunities to gather together each day to connect as a community, with prayer a central element to these gatherings.  All members of our school community are welcome to join us for these celebrations.

The following are just some of the masses/ liturgies that the students of St Joseph’s participate in during the year.

  • Ash Wednesday Liturgy
  • Anzac Day Liturgy
  • Armistice Day
  • Special feast days
  • Holy Week Liturgies
  • Feast Day Mass
  • Year 7 Mass – end of year
  • Closing School Year Mass
  • Liturgical Events – Liturgical Calendar
  • Mercy Day Liturgy
  • Parish anointing masses


St. Joseph’s School Prayer

St Joseph, foster father of Jesus,

we ask you to bless our school

and everyone in it.


Guide us towards Jesus

throughout this school day.

Help us to always remember

the good things in our  lives:

our families, friends, school community

and our beautiful world.


May we always turn to you in good times and bad

and remember that you will always

love and care for us.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.