Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

Here at St Joseph’s we pride ourselves on being a family oriented school.  We encourage all families, new and existing, to come along and be involved in our Parents and Friends Association.  While other groups are active within the life of our school, it is our P and F which represents the interests of the whole parent body at our school.

The P and F Executive Committee is made up of parents from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.  The P and F Executive Committee for 2019 are:

~ Melissa Pimm (President)

~ Kara Archer (Vice President)

~ Carmen Arthy (Secretary)

~ Allysha Zirbel (Treasurer)

Our P and F meetings are friendly, social. They are informative and a great way for parents to learn more about the school, and to be involved in shaping our future.  All are welcome and invited to attend.