School Curriculum Vision

School Curriculum Vision

“To you it is given to create the future and give it direction by
offering children a set of values with which to assess their
newly discovered knowledge. Your responsibilities make demands on you
that go far beyond the need for professional skills and competence.
To teach means not only to impart what we know, but also to
reveal whom we are by living what we believe.”

(John Paul II to Catholic Educators, September 12, 1984)


At St Joseph’s, our school vision challenges us to provide and support a quality Catholic education that prepares each student for the future through care and great teaching, based on our values of excellence, respect, justice, service and compassion.

We are committed to planning and providing a high quality, 21st century Catholic education for each member of our learning community, encouraging them to shape and enrich our changing world, by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our dedicated and professional teachers deliver unique and authentic learning opportunities catered towards all their students. Our teachers want every student to meet their full potential, academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and be given the opportunity to celebrate their success and talent. Our school vision statement says:

At St Joseph’s, we aspire to be a faith-filled community of people that:

  • journey with Jesus,
  • learn,
  • work respectfully together, and
  • aim higher and achieve more every day.


With Christ We Grow

In line with our vision, we believe that:

  • We are all unique and special, created in God’s likeness.
  • Everyone can experience success and that success is celebrated.
  • Learning is dynamic and lifelong, and should be purposeful and meaningful.
  • Deeper understandings are gained when opportunities are provided for learners to explore, reflect, revise and apply.
  • Collaborative learning allows for co-operation with others, think critically and develop resilience.
  • Great teaching practices are a direct result of ongoing professional learning for all.
  • Our learning environment should be supportive, stimulating, flexible and affirming.

We strive to achieve our vision through:

  • High expectations
  • Effective teaching and learning
  • Respectful service
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Caring Partnerships
  • Collaborative wisdom