Sporting Fixtures



Saturday 24th August Finals Week

8.15 am St Joeys Green v West Tigers
Field 1A

8.15 am St Joeys Gold v Emmanuel Blue
Field 1B

10.15 am St Joeys  v Emmanuel
Field 5A

U11 Boys
No Game

U11 Girls

No Game

Duty School: St Joseph’s & Wests – at least 4 volunteers are needed from each school for these duties throughout the morning.
Gate Duty: U15 Girls

Duty Jobs:
: Move U11 Turf Goal up the field to the 25 and set up goal circle – for the 8:00am game
: Put out Bins on fields 1, 2 & 3
: Set Up U7 Goals and zone discs on Fields 1 (A,B,C,) & 2 (A)
: Pack up U7 Goals and move to U9 fields.
: Move back U11 Goals to base line
: Set up U9 Goals and zone discs on fields 1 (A,B) 2 (A,B) & 3 (A,B)
: Set up a sideline of markers across Field 1, 2 & 3 down section B.
: Pack away U9 Goals and zone discs and take back to the MSHA storage shed.
: Bring back Bins from all fields after U9 games.
: Check inside and outside toilets if needing toilet paper, paper towel or bins emptied
: Toilet paper and bin liners are in cupboard in the Lena Saunders Room.
Thank you for your help

The weekly draws are also available on the Mackay School Hockey Facebook Page.

Parent please ensure that you have visited the Hockey Queensland online link to register and pay your child’s initial registration fee
before they play tomorrow (each child who plays needs to be registered online).

Parents are reminded that shin pads are a mandatory requirement to play and mouth guards are strongly recommended.



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