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Student Leaders 2017

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St Joseph’s would like to congratulate the following students on their selection as leaders for 2017.

Liam Neilson and Olivia Price have been elected school captains for 2017.

The  following students are our sport/house captains.

Gold            Lachlan Power and Estella Martin
Green         Orlando Corrie and Sarah Kirkwood
Red             Michael Hinchey and Makenzey Boyce

Though the students named above have been elected to specific leadership roles, all of the Year 6 students at St Joseph’s are school leaders. Being a school leader is an exciting opportunity for the Year 6 students to pass on their knowledge to the younger students and, most importantly, to lead by example.

As leaders of St Joseph’s, each of the Year 6 students will have a term on the Student Representative Council.

We look forward to an amazing year at St Joseph’s lead by our seniors.