What’s Happening in the Classroom

We have had a great start to the new year in Music with a variety of new and exciting resources for the students to experiment with. The new djembe and lollipop drums are a “hit” for keeping a steady beat, colourful ribbon sticks to show movement to music and 6 more glockenspiels for older students to perform well known songs in letter names. The preppies and Year 1’s are enjoying a large repertoire of rhymes and songs taking turns to use a variety of props, learning the difference between their singing and speaking voices, high and low sounds in music, performing songs fast or slow, using their ‘audience etiquette’ for story songs, and responding to art music in an appropriate manner. Year 2 & 3 know the difference between beat and rhythm and are starting to notate the rhythm of well known songs using paddle pop sticks to create ‘ta’ and ‘titi’. They can also sing ‘so-me’ songs in SOLFA and are preparing to make conscious a new note a step above ‘so’. Year 4-6 are now well versed in performing songs with the beat and rhythm (and we are currently practicing performing them at the same time), in solfa and letter names, which allows them to then perform on the glockenspiels! They really have learned so much in just over a year, creating and performing rhythmic ostinato’s, singing in canon in groups and starting to write on the staff.

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