Prep Information

Preparatory Year at St Joseph’s

acknowledged as the first formal year of the St Joseph’s journey. The preparatory curriculum is based on both the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum.


The Early Years Learning Areas (ELAs) are explored using five separate learning areas:


  • Language Learning and Communication
  • Early Mathematical Understanding
  • Active Learning Processes
  • Health and Physical Learning
  • Social and Personal Learning


As a Catholic School we also include Religious Education. It is also important to note that children do not experience learning as five separate learning areas – most learning experiences incorporate learning from many or all of the five early years learning areas.


The Early Years Learning Areas provide a holistic learning framework for exploring children’s understandings and capabilities. The framework is designed to:


  • build links between the Early Years Learning Areas and the Australian Curriculum and
  • supports the development of integrated learning programs.


The Early Years Guidelines are used in the Prep Teaching and Learning Programs alongside the Australian Curriculum documents.


Australian National Curriculum Documents  

  • English
  • History
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Geography
  • The Arts


At St Joseph’s, we see parents as the first and foremost prime educators in their child’s life. Communication at St Joseph’s is seen as a triangle of interdependence encompassing parents-staff-child. Developing and maintaining effective partnerships ensures that positive relationships are established. In Prep, these partnerships are crucial in supporting children’s learning and development. Partnerships with the child, parents, teachers and colleagues and other professionals all play a major role in supporting a shared vision in the child’s learning journey.


At St Joseph’s Prep we…

  • Provide rich, stimulating and challenging programs that are based upon and reflect the principles of the Australian and Early Years Curriculums.
  • Foster a warm, caring and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Have dedicated and experienced staff that are committed to, and have a passion for, Early Childhood Education.
  • Have inviting indoor and outdoor learning environments that support learning for young children through play, real life situations, investigations, focussed learning, teachable moments and routines and transitions.
  • Participate in all whole school activities and events.
  • Encourage partnerships with parents through regular newsletters, information sessions and special parent events (e.g. Mother’s Day).