Yuibera Group Visit

Our school was fortunate to have two special visitors this week as a part of our Book Week celebrations: Australia! Story Country.  Aboriginal elder, Mr Gary Mooney ‘Uncle Gary’, and Blanch Sutherland, are local Yuibera people, and came to talk to our year 3, 4 and 5 students about life growing up as an Indigenous person and traditions passed down from the elders.  Mr Mooney talked about bush tucker, bush medicine, hunting and cooking, fish traps and wildlife and land preservation.  He discussed only taking from the environment what we need to sustain ourselves, so that future generations will have enough for their needs.  He also talked about the importance of respecting yourself and your family.  The students listened with great enthusiasm and asked very insightful questions.  It was wonderful to learn our students have a great knowledge of the local area and were able to answer many questions directed to them with accuracy.  We thank them for visiting our school and sharing their knowledge.  Should you wish to learn more about the local Indigenous people and the work they are doing to protect our wildlife, as well as see original artworks, please drop in to their store in Canelands which is on the first floor across from the food court near the exit/entry doors.Yuibera